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Monday, September 28, 2009

Chinese Character Tattoo

About Chinese Character Tattoo - Why Danzi is the Best Choice For New Tattoo Lovers

Auto summary about Chinese Tattoo By Fanyun Ding

With the popularity of Chinese character tattoo, more people tend to select Hanzi (Chinese characters) as a unique way to express their individuality in the form of skin art. Indeed, this mysterious language its gaining increasing attention among tattoo Chinese Tattoolovers, especially those in search of a design as their first tattoo. In fact, for these groups of people, single Chinese character (or Danzi) would be the most recommended choice that leads to a unique and smart tattoo.

Danzi is convenient for tattooing. Danzi, by all means, qualifies as the No.1 choice for anyone seeking a Chinese character tattoo. Danzi is simple & smart. This is another reason why Danzi is tattoo-friendly, and it's a major one. For example, both Li (Danzi) and Li Liang (two characters, a word) mean exactly "strength", yet Li appears to be much smarter, more thought-provoking, and suitable for ink, as Li Liang looks formal, rigid, and serious, totally lack of "style".

It's the combining simplicity and meaningfulness of Danzi that leads to a smart result, which, without question, merits your first Chinese tattoo attempt. This one would be the ultimate reason why Danzi rocks for tattooing. For tattoos done in the form of characters, its quality ultimately depends on its meaning, despite how fancy it's designed or any other minor factors.

Fortunately, due to its long history and deep culture, Chinese language has arguably the richest meaning in its characters of all other existing languages. For this reason, one single Chinese character can reflect a big variety of meanings, depending on different contexts.
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