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Tuesday, February 2, 2010


This is an excellent example of an angel wing tattoo that conveys a very personal meaning to it’s wearer. Angel wing tattoos placed on the back often signify a desire to be watched over by the bearers guardian angel. It’s like having an angel on the shoulder, making the bearer feel protected in his life. The wings are shown coming out of an anchor, the common symbol for sailors or those who make their living on the ocean. The anchor has been used for hundreds of years among sea faring folk. The bearer of this angel wing tattoo has finished the design by adding "USN’ over the anchor tattoo. The USN stands for United States Navy and signifies that it’s bearer is either currently or has been in the past, a member of the armed services. It just goes to show you that no matter what occupation or what statement you want to say about yourself, an angel wing tattoo can be successfully added to your personal body ink and customized to make the statement that you want to make. What would your personal angel wing tattoo say about your personality or personal beliefs?

Tramp stamps on a girls lower back always seem to use angel wings tattoos. Perfect for sparkle and charm is my guess. I like these tattoos to certain degree, but they can get over done with to many of the lines zig zagging into each other. Looks like their are some wicked claws in the lower part of these angel wings tattoos. Lots of people have these in all different shapes, sizes and colors. I personally like angel wings tattoos on the back of the neck. Great way to make an impression on someone that is walking up behind you.
You see a lot of angel wings tattoos being hand drawn by art students while they are practicing certain types of drawings. That could be why their is such a diverse selection of them around these days. Someone told me at one time they had heard that these tattoos got their start from a special tattoo competition held in Miami, Florida years and years ago. I know this was one of the first tattoos put in print so little kids could wet them and paste them on their hands and feet, I think they were designed by a big toy company.

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