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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Celtic Tattoo

Celtic Tattoo
If your looking for a unique tattoo then check out the Celtic tattoo in the picture. It’s a shield knot that was common among the ancient Celtic tribes. The Celtic people have a long and proud history of Celtic tattoo meanings. From ancient times the Celts have pursued their artistic ability and have created complex works of art with various Celtic tattoo meanings for each individual design. A tattoo cross may be an indication of faith. Knot work may allude to the greater spiritual aspects of the universe. And shield knots may be a symbol that helps the bearer receive protection against his or her enemies. And there are also many designs that were used to ward off evil spirits or demonic forces. As you can see from the previous examples, Celtic tattoos have meanings to the religious from pagans, to atheists and even Christians. And they also allude to a proud heritage or racial lineage. So, if your of Irish heritage then show your pride in your ancestry by sporting a Celtic tattoo like the one in the picture. Heck, even if your not of Irish heritage you can still get a cool design that is really cool. There’s a variety of awesome designs that you could work up based on this motif.
Celtic Tattoo
This is one killer celtic tattoo, it gives off the impression you can open this up and go right inside the persons body. Wow what a great tattoo design. The details are totally awesome and the visual effect of being open on the body is something I have never seen before. It’s like a gateway to someone’s soul. If you look closely at this celtic tattoo, it looks very similar to something of Arabic origin. I could see this same design on a palace window somewhere in the middle east.
There must be a relationship between Arabic art and celtic art. I have never noticed the closeness of these two different cultures before. Over all this celtic tattoo is pretty close to being perfect when it comes to an original design that mixes two designs in one. I bet if you read up in history books, the Arabic styles and designs from the 7th and 8th century were brought to Europe by traders and travelers. That’s probably where the first celtic tattoo had it’s beginnings. This tattoo has a very bright and colorful pink that stands out with the aqua blue. Both colors are fantastic when it comes to this tattoo.

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