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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dolphin Tattoo

Dolphin Tattoo
Flipper has nothing on this dolphin tattoo, now I really think this is a brilliant tattoo. Everyone I know has a deep burning love for all whales and dolphins. This dolphin tattoo makes you want to run out and take a nose dive into the nearest body of water you can find. There are a lot of women that really go nuts over anything that has to do with dolphins. I think I know more women that collect dolphin artifacts than I can list here. There is nothing fancy about this dolphin tattoo, it is simple and it is detailed right down to the last drop of water. The sight of a dolphin makes you feel good no matter if you are seeing it on the television or in real life. I love to see them racing in front of boats as they sail through the ocean to their next destination. On this dolphin tattoo, I might have done one thing a little different. I would have made the water spots a little larger, but that is nothing to make a big deal about. The dolphin has a great time jumping out of the water, so this dolphin tattoo showing it jumping is right on the money with it’s natural design.
Dolphin Tattoo
The popularity of a dolphin tattoo can be traced back to a long standing empathy and understanding between our two species. People and dolphins have existed together for quite some time now, and the more we continue to learn about these creatures, the more we come to believe that the dolphin carries a divine spark that some how separates them from other animals. At least that is what a lot of people tend to believe but who knows if it is true or not. Maybe, just maybe, they are but another big fish that happens to be very friendly and likes to play around a lot. The truth is that there is really no way to know either way, but it makes a lot of people want a dolphin tattoo.

It has long been believed, by some ancient cultures, that dolphins were a certain connection between the world of men, of underwater life of the oceans of the world. Swimming with dolphins has very often helped children to deal with various handicaps, overcome all types of learning challenges and soothe the suffering of individuals with severe depression or mental anguish. So is it really the dolphin that does this or is it how we perceive the dolphin that really does this? No one knows, but either way, getting a dolphin tattoo will always get peoples attention.

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