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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Tree Tattoos

Tree Tattoos
This tree tattoo can symbolize many things. It can symbolize a new start, growing up, or maturing. A dead tree can symbolize struggle, or the loss of a loved one. One thing this tree tattoo does have is beauty. This tree tattoo is so intricately drawn and shaded using slight hints of a red color and a purple color. The bark on the body of the tree looks scarred as if its lived a long life or has lived a life full of disappointment and hardship. The leaves are small and dead looking, as if withered by some emotional distress or severe disappointment. The trunk of the tree is gnarled and old looking, as if destroyed. The branches are twisted, and going in every direction as if lost or confused about the situation. The entire piece of art is tinted a mix of red and purple, giving it a darker look then most tattoos. The shading shows the shadows where the scars overlap the rest of the tree. Also, the roots shadow over the ground, giving the ground a dark look. This tattoo is probably one of the best pieces of symbolism I’ve ever seen.
Tree Tattoos
Here’s a pretty cool tattoo as far as tree tattoos go. I have to admit that I never thought about getting a tree tattoo on me before but this one is really very nice. It is masterfully done as far as a piece of artwork is concerned and in that regard I really can find no fault in it. It really gives me the idea of one of those lone trees you might see standing all by itself on a huge, seemingly empty African plain out in the middle of absolutely nowhere.
It’s a twisted, knotted, leafless tree with a great deal of majesty and beauty about it. I don’t know why but I find myself drawn toward this image very strongly.
I was saying I had never thought of getting any tree tattoos before but now I am thinking about it. This one really got to me. I like it a lot all though I do not think I would choose that placement on the body. Don’t ask where because I don’t know. I just know that I am really thinking about tree tattoos now, and that’s pretty cool. I still got lots of room on my body.

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