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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Chest Tattoo

Chest Tattoo
This chest tattoo brings a dark picture together with bright colors and flowers. The color’s used in this chest tattoo are green, blue, orange, pink, gold, white, tan, purple, and black, and all the colors are blended real well. The skulls in this chest tattoo are grey with hints of white around the edges and the teeth. One tooth on each skull is gold. The eye sockets on each skull start off a very light pink on the edges and fades to a black near the outer rim of the sockets. The same goes for the nose of each skull, pink near the back, black near the outer rim. Green vines flow through the nose and eye sockets of each skull. Different colored flowers, ranging from pink to green, and blue to orange, grow on the vines growing from out of the skulls. This chest tattoo is unique and original because it mixes a morbid image like a skull and the beautiful colors of flowers all in one tattoo. This is one chest tattoo that anyone would be interested in, because it mixes so many different styles of art into one piece of artwork. This is a really good tattoo.
Chest Tattoo
This is a great representation of what an average person can do with a chest tattoo. Chest tattoos can be hidden or revealed at will, so you can put just about any design there. And because there is a lot of space to work with, chest tattoos can sport some pretty large designs with a lot of different elements in them. The chest tattoo in the picture is frequently referred to as a chest piece, because it covers from shoulder to shoulder like an armors chest piece. The wearer has combined several different things in his design. On one shoulder is written the word "love", on the other is written the word "hate". In the center of this chest piece is a hand holding cards, generally used to mean luck or chance. I would venture to say that the intended symbolism of this design is to infer that all things in this life are hanging on the whims of fate. And that includes love and hate or peace and war. The again, the bearer of this chest tattoo could have simply chosen the design because it looks really hot and is done in a more traditional type of style. What do you think?

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