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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Fairies Tattoos

Fairies Tattoos
The fairy tattoo is a representation of a female nymph like creature that has magical powers and originates all the way from Celtic mythology. These fanciful creatures are usually represented as little female creatures of a youthful appearance. Thus, they are very close in nature to woodland nymphs or sprites. These creatures are usually represented in mythology as entities who can grant a person’s wishes, but in extreme cases can also be very spiteful and cause harm to those who cross them. Some cultures view fairies as a sort of angel who has been bound to the earth realms. When the great war between the angels and God started, the supreme being closed off the gates of Heaven. Those angels who sided with God remained angels. Those who had joined Satan’s army became demons. And all the rest who remained neutral became fairies. And since they were former angels, they retained some of their magical properties and remain on earth to aid mankind. But, there is another representation of the fairy. In Ireland, for instance, fairies are considered to be the cousins of mankind. Thus, they are neither good nor evil, but do what is best for themselves. What is your interpretation of the fairy tattoo?
Fairies Tattoos
A lot of women get fairy tattoos that incorporate any number of design elements into them. They usually depict the fairies in woodland settings, among flowers or sitting on lily pads. Now, why would you get a fairy tattoo that looks like every other fairy tattoo? I think that is rather dull and is really against the grain of what a tattoo is supposed to be. I mean come on, if you want a beautiful design then get a fairy tattoo that is unique and expresses your individuality. And that’s the reason that I particularly enjoy this design. Sure, it contains a few common fairy elements in it, like the stars and the fact that this fairy is flying. But, it is also very unique. For one, the fairy is flying more like a super hero then a fairy. Two, this fairy has sort of a dark countenance about her. She doesn’t look cute or happy. No, she looks more like she is serious and dark. She’s the type of fairy who would use her magical powers to smite any human dumb enough to get in her way. Another thing that I like about this design is the coloring. It’s a big departure from the pale blues and pinks that are usually seen in fairy tattoos.

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