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Monday, March 22, 2010

Heart Tattoos Design

Heart Tattoos
Probably The best way to show symbolism of love is the heart tattoo. However the heart tattoo is a symbol that possesses other meanings as well and not just love. Some individuals believed that the heart is the location of the soul. Some religions see the heart as a bed of emotions, while other religions consider the heart the spiritual center of the being. And as you can see from the various designs, there are different type of heart tattoos for different people. Heart tattoos are always a pleasure to look at because of their vibrant color and shapely design. Let’s take a look at some of the designs available, and not just the whimsical ones either. The first choice you have is the classic heart. It’s the classic symbol that you have seen in probably a hundred tattoos, usually with a banner that says ‘mom’ or something similar. The next choice you have is a Celtic heart tattoo. This design is known to stand for a union of souls, is a basic heart that is designed with intricate knots and gives off a true Celtic look. Another possible choice is the angel heart tattoo. This is usually a heart surrounded by wings. Sometimes these symbolize love or devotion to one’s faith, or perhaps represent a love for a deceased love one who they believe is an angel in heaven. And that’s only a small representation of the designs available. So, happy I mean hunting!
Heart Tattoos
Here we have an image that gives us nine different versions of heart tattoos. And they range from hearts surrounded by vines to flowers, to a heart held by some sort of animal claw. A heart with devil horns and a devil tail and even a heart with a big steel knife sticking right through it. So even though there are only nine different heart tattoos here they pretty much cover the entire gambit of what can happen to a persons heart.

I never really understood why we consider the heart to be the center of our romantic insides. Why is it, that if someone breaks up with us we say our heart was broken? We all know that is not true, so why do we say it? And why do we feel it? Is it because our heart is the center of our physical life and therefore we make it the center of our emotional wellness, as well? I would suppose it is something like that. Either way getting one of these heart tattoos will probably mean your heart has been broken at least once. Welcome to the club. It happens to us all at least once, usually more than once.

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