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Monday, March 22, 2010

Jesus Tattoo

Jesus Tattoo
There is perhaps no tattoo more iconic then the Jesus tattoo. It’s depicts the face recognizable by people all over the world. And not just among Christians either. I think you would be hard pressed to find a person of any religion who doesn’t recognize the figure in a Jesus tattoo. He is often depicted with a faint glow over his body, alluding to his divinity and is sometimes displayed with a halo over his head. Other depictions take a different route and focus more on his crucifixion. These are the ones where Jesus is shown nailed to the cross or wearing a crown of thorns. A great example of a crucifixion. Jesus tattoo is in the picture. Though it’s only a bust shot you can clearly see that it depicts the final moments before he was tacked up to the cross. He is wearing the infamous crown of thorns and there are trickles of blood running down his face. His countenance is reflective and his gaze is lifted towards the heavens asking hs heavenly father for strength and guidance. It’s a beautiful piece of work that can be revered by members of the faith and admired for it’s elegance by everyone.

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