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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spider Tattoos

Spider Tattoos
The spider tattoo in this picture is of a tarantula. Tarantulas are fierce looking and are the largest members of the spider family but are really gentle unless provoked. But, this spider tattoo takes on the symbolism of all members of the spider family. Spider tattoos can be seen as symbols of good luck or symbols of treachery and evil. It all depends on the bearers own personal views. Another thing that a spider tattoo symbolizes is a denial of the established order. It was often a symbol of the outlaw or someone who felt that they existed out of the norms of society. This meaning has pretty much fallen to the wayside as the spider tattoo entered mainstream society. Another meaning that has pretty much fallen away is the spider as a gang symbol. The spider and it’s web was once tattooed on inmates who have served time. But, now the spider tattoo can be seen on just about anyone, whether they are a criminal or not. So, the next time your looking to get ink done consider getting a tarantula spider tattoo. It’s meaning is whatever you want it to be or think it should be. Just enjoy it.
Spider Tattoos
When it come to tattoo images we can be talking about virtually anything but in this case it would seem we’re talking about portraits. Perhaps even a portrait of an old movie starlet. Could this be Lana Turner or some other famous Hollywood star. I really don’t know. I’m just guessing. If you look at this tattoo closely you can see a few other much smaller faces below this lady but I cannot see them in enough detail to really get anything from them. So all they really do is ad more to the mystery of what we are looking at. Some tattoo images can be very misleading.
The only other significant thing I can see in this tattoo is that this woman appears to be smoking and I believe in the days women wore their hair like this it was frowned on for women to be smokers. But where does that lead us, right back to jump street. This one only goes to show us all that tattoo images can only show us so much and there are going to be those times when the person with the tattoo has to come out and explain exactly what it is meant to be.

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