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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Tattoo Art

Tattoo Art
In today’s world tattoo art is probably as big as it has ever been. More and more people who in the past would never have gotten a tattoo are now going out and doing it and makes one ask why? The answer is simple. It has become a cool thing to do. It used to be considered something done only by what would be considered lower class citizens but now it is pretty much acceptable by every one. A big part of this is because of celebrities who have been showing up in photographs and on television and movies with their many tattoos for some years now. And the mentality is that if they can get them so will I. Simply put, they made tattoo art cool again. Of course in some cultures it has always been cool and even expected of people but never really in mainstream western civilization culture has it been acceptable until very recently.

For the people who get into tattoo art and turn their bodies into a canvas like the girl in this picture, the tattoos themselves are usually a very personal thing and generally have some sort of special meanings known only to them. Not always, some are just done because they like the way they look, but most times there is more though behind them.

Tattoo Art
If your planning on getting some tattoo art inked on your skin then you are in very good company. Everybody from Joe sixpack on the street to the most famous of celebrities have embraced tattoo art. And when you go about choosing a design remember that you have quite a few tattoos available to you depending on the culture you want to take the tattoo art from. Let’s take a look at a few examples, particularly Mexican, Egyptian and Celtic tattoo art. Mexican tattoos are some of the most striking new patterns around. They take their themes from those of ancient Mayan, Inca and Aztec art, a very distinctive look that’s different from most other types of tattoo designs, yet instantly recognizable. The bold, geometric patterns of Mexican tattoos make them very well suited to tattoo art. Egyptian tattoos Like many other tattoo designs from mythology or ancient cultures, are growing in popularity. It’s all a part of the modern conception of tattoo art. Celtic tattoos and body art (as well as other tribal tattoos) have been very popular for the past decade or so. Put it down to the graceful, timeless beauty of these designs which seem to lend themselves particularly well to tattoo art. Now that I have given you a few examples of cultural tattoo art, why not research your heritage and find your personal style?

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