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Friday, March 12, 2010

Tattoo Cross

Tattoo Cross
Here we have a picture of a tattoo cross that is an extremely interesting one. Not only is it not a traditional cross but it appears to be made of the very iron spikes used to hold Jesus to the cross by his hands and feet. At least that is the impression it makes on me as I look at it. I could be totally wrong of course and if I am, I would like to know it. The classic tattoo cross of course is of a Christian cross, a Celtic cross or a tribal cross. Those are without a doubt the three most common ones out there that one finds as tattoos. And the general meaning for all of them is the same. Simply put, they stand for a God of one sort or another.

The tattoo cross in this image is extremely well drawn and executed as a tattoo. I would have to say the man or woman who did this is one of the best tattoo artists around. They have to be. The work is simply superb. Just compare to the partial second tattoo showing in the same picture and you will see that there is no comparison in quality at all. This is a great tattoo cross.

Tattoo Cross
This is not the best tattoo cross that I have ever seen. Actually, to me it seems a tad bit rudimentary. But, often with tattoo cross designs it’s the meaning and not the execution that matters to the bearer. The deep symbolic meaning of cross tattoos have expanded to include a wide range of personal creations that may or may not depict religious significance. As one of the most flexible of tattoo designs, the cross is often combined with many other additions that utilize hearts, flowers, animals, names, and faces that enhance the overall meaning, Crosses are often chosen as the design for many first-timers, which often follows the loss of a loved one. The acceptance that this tattoo does not always refer to religious conviction is currently widespread, as there are plenty of individuals who choose this design simply because they are attracted to the shape of the cross. For this reason, tattoo artists are often knowledgeable in the various tattoos that represent both religious and non-religious beliefs. Popular tattoos showcasing religious crosses include the Latin, Celtic, and St. Andrew’s cross. Non-religious crosses often selected include the Ankh and the Gothic Cross.

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