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Monday, April 5, 2010

Lion Tattoo

Lion Tattoo
We are all familiar with lion tattoos. I think that most people have seen these tattoos either online or on an actual persons skin. But, not a whole lot of people are familiar with the symbolic meaning that these beast hold. So, let’s take a moment and take a look at the symbolism behind lion tattoos. Lions represent a whole host of traits which include strength, nobility and determination of spirit. But, lion tattoos can also represent courage, personal intensity and conquest. Of course with any animal that has a strong symbolic nature there are also some negative traits associated with the lion. These include vanity, pride and savagery. Also, the lion tattoo can have a religious meaning as well. It has come to symbolize Jesus Christ in almost every form of Christianity. And this is especially true when combined with a crucifix or crown tattoo. But, no matter what meaning you associate with the lion tattoo, it’s a design choice that identifies you as king of the jungle. And hopefully other people will view your new tattoo in that light as well. Now, who wouldn’t want a design like as a new tattoo addition or to complement an already established tattoo collection?
Lion Tattoo
The lion tattoo in the picture is an impressive example of what can be done with a little ink and the portrayal of these majestic beast. But, lion tattoos aren’t just beautiful, they also have a deep symbolism behind them. A lion symbolizes pride and nobility. It signifies power and strength. If you wish to get lion tattoos, here are some tips you need to follow. Check for lion tattoos patterns and designs at your local tattoo shops and talk to a few of the artist. They can be an invaluable resource for getting ideas about where you want to go with your design. If you can’t make up your mind because everything is beautiful and artistically designed then you need to choose your top 3 best lion tattoo designs. Ask your family and friends to look at the designs and let them vote for the pattern that suits your personality and style. Depending on which part of your body you wish for the lion pattern to be tattooed, the design can be altered to change in size. If you plan to have a lion on your back then the design can be extremely intricate and big. If you plan to have the lion on your neck or leg, the design may be reduced in size. Once you have completed all these steps then get ready to have your lion tattoo inked into your skin. Then you can enjoy it for a lifetime.

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