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Saturday, June 5, 2010

Tattoo Artist | TATTOOS FOR MEN

tattoos artist
tattoos artist
tattoos artist
It seems that more and more people are getting tattoos or talking about getting one. This is great for the industry and even better for those who would like to get a foot in the door in the tattoo industry. But don’t think for a moment that becoming a professional tattoo artist is easy. There really isn’t any such thing as easy money by becoming a tattoo artist.

To begin with, you will need talent. You will never make it in the tattoo industry by tracing or stenciling, you will need to be able to draw great designs. To even get considered as a tattoo artist, a portfolio is needed. This will require you to draw until your hands ache and then a little more. Your portfolio is your proof that you have the skills that are needed to succeed in the industry. Without a portfolio, don’t even bother.

Once you have a portfolio to showcase your talents, you will need a mentor, someone who is willing to teach you the trade and share their secrets with you. Now this is the tricky thing, tattoo artists don’t like giving away their secrets. If you do find someone good, a real professional who is willing to tell you anything at all about the industry, listen up!

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