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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

art strawberry tattoo designs | picture strawberry tattoos

art strawberry tattoo designs

strawberry tattoo designs are usually not stand-alone designs. They are usually made in conjunction with other tattoo designs just like flower images are combines with other images for a perfect strawberry tattoo design

art strawberry tattoo designs

The sexuality view of strawberry tattoo designs makes the strawberry tattoo common among ladies. It is a show of a woman’s sexiness, a display of her sensuality. The strawberry tattoo designs are usually placed in the stomach to buttress the quality of the fruit. You can also find the strawberry tattoo designs in men sometimes. The design is a strawberry tattoo designs fruit cut in half, showing that his girlfriend shares the other half. This is to show that they are meant for each other forever. The half-image strawberry design is a symbol of bonding between two lovers who believe that they are destined for each other.
art strawberry tattoo designs
You can always make your own strawberry tattoo designs look unique by combining with some other designs which may blur the image of the strawberry tattoo designs. This is if you are not too comfortable with the general belief about the strawberry fruit but you just like the strawberry tattoo designs. A design like this is to give you uniqueness and make you bold enough to show off your strawberry tattoo designs wherever you choose to.
 art strawberry tattoo designs
strawberry tattoo designs also represented different things to different cultures through the ages. They have long been used in traditional and folk medicine, and hence is a symbol of good health. Its heart shape and bright red colour were also the symbol of Venus, the Goddess of love for the ancient Romans. Some early stories tell of how two people would fall in love with each other if they share a double strawberry. While other stories mentioned that the two people only needed to share one strawberry tattoo designs.

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