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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Arm Tattoos

Arm Tattoos
What would you say is the most common place on the human body to apply tattoo ink? Is it the chest, back or legs? No, the most popular place for body art, since the invention of tattooing, is on the arm. And if you look at the arm tattoo in the picture you can clearly see why. The natural toning of the arm’s muscles not only underscores the depth of most designs but also adds an element of movement to it. See, when you have an arm tattoo that is properly inked, the design will move every time you move your arm. The natural flexing of this part of the body causes the arm tattoo to look like it’s moving. Take the arm tattoo in the picture, for example. It’s a great design of a fairy with huge butterfly wings. Every time the guy’s arm tattoo moves then the wings on the fairy appear to move, as if the fairy was flying. So, you can see why the arm tattoo has always been and will always be on of the most popular places for body ink. And while I’m talking about this particular design let me make one last observation. I thought that it was a really unique decision for the guy to get an arm tattoo of a fairy. It’s usually a design reserved for women but it does look quite good on him.

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