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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Horse Tattoo

Horse Tattoo
Horses are a very powerful animal. For those who believe that horses are very special animal and want to show the respect about this strong and beautiful animal, then a horse tattoo is the best way to do that. Sometimes horses are also known for their loyalty and love. They have more trust in their master than anyone or anything that remove them from the trouble. As horses fight in the battle with their masters they have become the symbol of protection and bravery. A horse tattoo can be placed anywhere on the body. You can draw a horse tattoo on your upper arm, calves, back or on legs. The horse pattern will really depend on your personal style. You can have the tattoo done only in black or gray shading or you can use some color to draw a tattoo. The bearer of the horse tattoo in the picture has chosen to represent a race horse. The design is done in a very realistic style and it looks quite like the animal it’s supposed to represent. The addition of the floral wreath is a great touch. That is what winning race horse receive after winning a race. The symbolism behind this horse tattoo is very simple, the bearer considers himself a winner!
Horse Tattoo
When I look at this drawing of a horse tattoo I want to say that it comes from the tribal tattoos style of things. At least it has those types of lines to it. And it is also more of an outline of the animal rather than a completely filled in drawing, which is also something very typical of the tribal style of art. But it is well done. Any time you can look at a drawing like this and you instantly know what it is, then it is pretty well done. If you had to think about what it was, then the artist probably did not do a very good job.
I usually like almost any horse tattoo that I see. But I have to admit that I prefer the ones that are more like a painting. Meaning, much more detailed and fully colored. And it’s not just the horse tattoo. For some reason I tend to like the animals done that way much more than these other ways. I have always been a fine art lover and not much of a lover of abstract art and maybe that is why.

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