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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Back Tattoos

Back Tattoos
You can just about use any design you can imagine for back tattoos and get away with it. You can go from using butterflies and birds, to running foxes and vicious wolves to make back tattoos look exactly how you want them to look. Some people might say they think the animals are too much and to stick with the more exotic razor sharp lines and the marquis with names in them. Its all up to you because after all its your skin and not theirs. A lot of girls just turning eighteen will go out and get their lower back tattoos that people have nick named bumper stickers or tramp stamps.

Don’t let the nick names fool you, a lot of the people that try to put the back tattoos down, are the ones that want a tattoo but are afraid to get one, or they are afraid their peers might disapprove. Go for the back tattoos that say something about you and the way you live your life. I like the wide back tattoos that have lots of sharp lines and especially the lower ones that use a lot of calligraphy to display the text in the tattoos.

Back Tattoos
Back tattoos are becoming all the rage nowadays. And there are more and more designs that fit perfectly for a back tattoo. And quite a few of them are pretty sexy, especially among women. Sometimes just the shape of the design will add to the sex appeal of back tattoos. Normally back tattoos in that area are matched to fit the shape of the women to accentuate the female body and enhance her sexuality. Lower back tattoos can even make a women feel more sexy herself when she thinks of how it looks on her body. Some of the most popular back tattoos are images, stars, flowers, vines and tribal symbols. Tribal symbols incorporated into a back tattoo can be extremely complimentary to a woman’s figure. Winged creatures work well in the lower back area such as monsters, unicorns, and angels. The lower back area allows plenty of room to expand their wings across the back. Filling in the area around back tattoos is also quite popular. Adding other elements along with your main tattoo is what really makes it unique and shows your personality. The possibilities with back tattoos is unlimited allowing you to use your imagination to help create the perfect tattoo for you.

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