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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Panther Tattoo

Panther Tattoo
The black panther tattoo is a representation of the beast that is the largest and most ferocious cat of the Americas. When comparing body size, the panther is even a more fierce predator then even a lion or wolf. So it is a natural representation of strength and aggression. But, what does a panther tattoo featuring this beast fighting a snake mean? Let’s take a closer look. The natural features of the black panther impart the symbolism of a great warrior ready for battle. The snake, on the other hand, is representative of evil and treachery. So the panther fighting the snake design, as depicted in the photo, represents the triumph of the spirit over the forces of evil. Evil of course can mean different things to different people. In can be the actual religious concept of evil, the adversity of nature or overcoming one’s own weaknesses. The symbolism of the panther tattoo is completely up to the bearer of the design. But, you can be sure of one thing when getting this tattoo inked into your skin. It’s a powerful tribute to your ability to overcome all obstacles no matter what they are. It’s all up to you.
Panther Tattoo
Generally, panther tats evoke a primal appeal. Panther tattoo designs, of course, vary from a small and simple face of the animal to more intricate designs that may extend the length of one’s back (if that is the desired spot for the tattoo). As to what the panther stands for, again there are multiple meanings. People commonly associate the panther with strength, power, nimbleness and a quick sharp mind. These cat qualities also happen to be traits that most leaders emulate. If you feel you don’t possess any of these traits, but will still consider panther tattoo designs among your favored options, then just make sure that you will be happy with your choice. These designs are not just for men anymore. Panther tattoos are now consider to be unisex. Many aggressive and daring women have no reservations about being inked with blank panther tattoos that connote not just beauty but courage and fearlessness, especially when it comes to protecting their family. The panther tattoo in the picture represents the usual design qualities of the panther. It’s fierce, striking and in my opinion kind of scary looking. If you take a moment to look at the design you may become inspired to get one that fits your particular style.

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