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Monday, February 22, 2010

Demon Tattoos

Demon Tattoos
This tattoo is out of this world, it is Elm Streets Freddie and he is coming to get you while you are sleeping. Pretty funny but the tattoo is totally awesome. The artist really did a great job at designing this wild tattoo. I am a die hard demon tattoos junkie, I love to see the ghouls come out to play on someone’s arm or leg. This tattoo really does the job in making people say wow when they see it. The claw is very radical and Freddie is just as sinister as he is in the movies. Who doesn’t like to see some wild demon tattoos when they go to a scary movie. The guy next to you in the theatre has demon tattoos and every time you look his way, his arm moves a little making the tattoo seem like it’s alive, watching you closely. Just thinking about some of the demon tattoos I have seen at some conventions would blow your mind. I love the gore and the blood, the meaner looking the better. If you love the crazy tattoos like I do, then go for a good demon on the skin, you won’t regret a moment of the fun.
Demon Tattoos
If your interested in getting a demon tattoo, like the one in the picture you should keep a couple things in mind. In many different cultures and societies throughout the world, the demon tattoo is a representation of an entity that is the single most embodiment of pure and unrelenting evil. There was a time when the mere mention of the word demon would put you under public scrutiny and perhaps subject you to trial as a witch. But, fortunately those days are long past and the demon tattoo has gained other connotations besides being evil. Thus, demon tattoos are in great demand now. Many people now sport demon tattoos to show that they have no fear of the dark side of life. He demon tattoo represented here is not what I would call your ordinary design. It does have the black and white design that was once common for these tattoos, but I’m afraid that times have changed. Demon tattoos nowadays often depict these vile entities with lots of bold and bright color. More times then not you will see demon tattoos that have been inked with red, blues and even sometime green shades. And this one also looks more like a cartoon character then an embodiment of evil, doesn’t it?

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