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Monday, February 22, 2010

Skull Tattoo Designs

Skull Tattoo Designs
When most people think about a skull tattoo design, they think about adding a skull or maybe even a set of crossbones to it. And that’s pretty much the extent of it. But, I’m telling you right now that there are way more options for you to consider. You could blend the skull tattoo design with your favorite animals, such as a wolf’s body with the head of a skull or a crow carrying a skull in it’s claws. Or you can add in your favorite astrological or mythological elements such as fairies, unicorns or even the head of a ram if your an Aries. I bet you haven’t considered adding a tribal or dragon motif to your skull tattoo design have you? Another possibility is to take a favorite story into account and have it inked into your skin. Take the story of the headless horseman for example. As you can see you are only limited by the extent of your imagination. So, if your planning on getting a skull tattoo design try mixing it up a little bit. You may just surprise yourself and come up with a design that is beautiful and impressive at the same time.
Skull Tattoo Designs
So, you want to get a skull tattoo design? Well, there are most certainly a lot of options available to you. Whether you want a skull tattoo design that is scary, like the one in the picture or your looking for one that’s a little more light hearted you have a ton of different flash to choose from. You can decide to make it bold and colorful or you can do a simple black and white design. If you want a skull tattoo design that really stands out then commission a tattoo artist to make one for you. That way you can customize with a variety of different elements and make it more personal. An example would be to add a tribal motif to the design. Or maybe your favorite animal. And you can even take it further. I once saw a guy with a skull tattoo design that was incorporated into a full sleeve running down the entire length of his arm. It was part of an entire horror motif that he had his favorite artist design. It was pretty cool and contained other things such as zombies, bats, snakes and even a Jack O Lantern. It just goes to show you what can be done with a little thought and imagination.

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