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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Frog Tattoos

Frog Tattoos
Frog tattoos may not be as widely sought out as some other tattoo designs, but this may very well be a good thing as you are certain to make a unique statement with this piece. Frog tattoos are as varied and different as the many species of frogs that they visually represent. Frog tattoos also can represent the brilliance and color of the natural world. They may be made with a plain outline, or you can let your imagination run wild with bright, bold colors and more intricate designs. Frogs can be combined with flowers, vines, water lotus’ and more. Poisonous frog tattoos may add something of an edge to these tattoos, and may be used as a symbol of the personality of its wearer. Some people may prefer a more cartoon like depiction for their frog tattoos. These pieces often show the frog in a crouching position with a cute, dopey, or sometimes even a sarcastic look on it’s face. Many cartoon frog tattoos show the creature with its tongue poised for flicking at flies, or sitting peacefully in a pond on a water lily. The bearer of the frog tattoo in the picture has chosen a more realistic design. And it’s quite a good representation of an actual tree frog. The artist probably stenciled this frog tattoo design directly from a picture of a tree frog.
Frog Tattoos
The frog tattoo is a design that is rich in symbolism in many different cultures. It represents metamorphosis, regeneration and new directions in life. For native American tribes in North America, the frog is associated with water and the moon, and is a symbol of fertility, prosperity and wealth. Many Native American tribes call the frog ‘the Great Rain Maker’. Frog announced the end of winter. With the last snowfall of spring, the snowflakes touching the ground would turn into frogs announcing to the people that soon the salmon would be returning to the rivers. But, it’s symbolism isn’t confined to the Native Americans. To the Iban in Borneo, the Frog was believed to be the creator of men. And Keling, the most powerful of the Iban gods, often transformed himself into a frog at will. For the Iban, a frog tattoo on the throat will protect a warrior from having his head taken in battle. And Iban ancestors will often return and reside in the body of a frog so that they may return and be close to their beloved long-houses. So, the next time you consider getting inked maybe you should keep this creature in mind and get a frog tattoo.

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