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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Gun Tattoos

Gun Tattoos
This is one of those gun tattoos that would make most men take a second look. And the biggest reason for that is because it’s on this slender girl’s hip. And it is a very good tattoo as well. A more modern gun, something like a 9mm placed right on the hip as if it can be grabbed by the right hand and shot at any time, just like a gunfight in the old west. And this girl is probably a really good looking girl who knows she is going to go around for a long time breaking hearts, so her meaning here is. Careful, because I’ll shoot you in the heart.
I ma not sure but I would think the very idea behind having a gun as a tattoo would be some sort of empowerment. It gives a person a sense of having a certain power over others if you will and I think that’s what these gun tattoos is really all about. The only other thing I can come up with is that it gives a person a sense of safety. As if it were a way of protecting themselves, if needed. Mush like carrying a real gun.

Gun Tattoos
Gun tattoos are often associated with violence and power. But, what many people don’t realize is that they are also phallic symbols or representations of the male member. It is therefore considered primarily a male choice. While the gun tattoo would seem to be a largely male choice, more women are ‘packing’ as a statement of their own freedom and independence, or as a reminder of the tougher aspects of their own complex personalities. As an emblem of strength and security, the gun tattoo serves as a talisman for protection. The gun tattoo in the picture is reminiscent of the classic style. It has two guns crossed with a rose between them. While the guns represent self determination and power, the rose stands for love. The playing cards added beneath the crossed tattoos adds a further depth to the symbolism of this tattoo. It represents chance and the gun tattoo motif pictured here, when taken as a whole represent chance in love and war. Nothing is certain except our own determination and passion. But, the bearer of this tattoo could have gotten it for another reason. And that may be because it simply looks cool. I guess we’ll never know.

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