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Friday, February 26, 2010

Hawaiian Tattoos

Hawaiian Tattoos
Hawaiian Tattoos come in many different types and styles. Some of the more popular Hawaiian designs could be put either in the naturalistic or abstract genres. Of course the abstract designs are almost exclusively of a tribal nature. But, that’s because tribal designs actually originated in the Hawaiian Islands. Look at the Hawaiian tattoo listed here. On one side of the design is a traditional tribal design, something that you see on a fairly regular basis. I especially like the dark colors and the thin quality of the lines. You don’t see that too often in tribal tattoos but it’s something that is very commonly seen among Hawaiian tattoos. Most tribal designs have thick and heavy strokes to the lines, which makes them appear heavier. But, these pencil thin lines have a light and almost airy quality to them. Now, the design element on the right is something I’m not too familiar with. It could be some kind of ancient religious artifact or maybe even a medallion for protection. I’m not entirely sure. But, it does seem to blend in very nicely. I can surely see adding other elements to this design, however. Maybe some sea turtles or flowers. That would be a nice touch.
Hawaiian Tattoos
The Hawaiian tattoo in the picture is very dramatic and stylistic. But, is that the type of design you think of when someone says Hawaiian tattoo? Probably not. In most peoples minds, Hawaiian tattoos consist of flowery or colorful designs. What a lot of people don’t realize is that Hawaiian tattoos can also contain a tribal element. As a fact, tribal tattoos were most likely invented by the inhabitants of these Pacific islands. Most of the Hawaiian body tattoos were from tribal traditions, as is the case in the picture. Actually the Hawaiian tattoo in the picture is probably more characteristic of these type of designs. The floral and flashy designs are often the result of designs inspired to attract tourist and not be representative of the Hawaiian culture. So, if you fly over to the Islands then venture away from the tourist trap tattoo parlors. Strike out on a less traveled path. Find a traditional Hawaiian tattoo artist and let him give you a design that is rich in culture and heritage and is a true representation of Hawaiian culture and society. That way when you get home you have something truly unique and quite special.

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