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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Shark Tattoos

Shark Tattoos
Now here’s a pretty good drawing example of one of the many available shark tattoos one could get put on themselves. This one is well drawn but I would much rather see some better coloring and shading before I would agree to get this. It just looks too much like a filled in drawing of a coloring book to me. And sure in this case the artist was able to stay within the lines, unlike a kid would, but that is about the only good thing I can say about this drawing as it is. This particular shark is like jumping out of a wave and I think that part of it is cool. The action and all that is good, just not the rest of it. Not a very good example of shark tattoos as it is.

The shark is the only creature I know of that must keep moving to stay alive. It’s gills that allow it to breath do no operate unless water is moving through them and that means simply that if a shark is no swimming, it is not breathing. And that is one reason why a shark is known as a relentless beast. The fact that it absolutely will not stop is not really its fault. It’s just built that way. Thus shark tattoos can be meant to represent something vicious that just will not stop, unless it is dead. Few enemies could be as frightening.

Shark Tattoos
Shark tattoos, though not a popular design element, is a striking representation of one of the most fearsome animals known to man. As a matter of fact, in Western cultures, the shark is viewed as the world’s greatest predator, and the shark tattoo a symbol of power and fearlessness. It’s been a long tradition among sailors to have a shark tattoo as proof you are not afraid of death at sea – and for protection. Western sailors, always a superstitious lot, regarded the shark as a kind of sea vulture, sniffing out imminent death and hanging around boats, waiting for a meal. Sharks are nothing less then automated feeding machines, swimming the great depths and devouring prey. The shark has even made it into mainstream culture appearing in horror movies such as Jaws and Deep Blue Sea and even in animated movies made for kids such as Shark Tale. Regardless of whether you want a shark tattoo that’s realistic, scary or even cute then their is your perfect design just waiting for you in thousands of pieces of flash. Or if you prefer, get a shark tattoo especially designed just for you. Your favorite tattoo parlor will be more then happy to work a design out with you.

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