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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sparrow Tattoos

Sparrow Tattoos
This tattoo is a perfect example of a good memorial tattoo and a good animal tattoo. This sparrow tattoo is a memorial to someones dad. Animal tattoos are used for many different things including memorials, emotions, and traits people have. The shading on the bottom of the sparrow is a light orange mixed with a redder orange, which gives it a distinct and unique look. The sparrow’s upper body is a mix of different hues of blue and white. The mixture of a dark blue and a light blue on the wings gives the sparrow a glossy look. The eyelid of the bird is a lighter green, making it stand out against the dark blue of the sparrows body. The calligraphy used for the word dad in the sparrow tattoo is fancy and goes along great with the sparrow itself. the heart lock in the sparrows mouth is a good example of symbolism used in tattoos. the outside of the lock is a mix of yellow and orange, while the heart itself is a darker red. Each feather on the wings of the sparrow are highly detailed and unique, and the colors are blended together to give it a glossy finish. Tattoos are a good way to memorialize a lost loved one.
Sparrow Tattoos
Sparrow tattoo designs are a classic tattoo that has been very popular for many centuries. These great tattoos have a lot of symbolism behind them and with the bright colors and vast array of designs can make a wonderful tattoo. The first meaning or significance of the sparrow tattoo came from sailors. Sailors originated most of the classic tattoo designs and sparrow tattoos are no different. Sparrow were seen as a symbol of good luck. Since they flew close to land then a sailor would know he was close to land once he saw a sparrow flying by the ship. This was a good sign as it meant a safe end to a dangerous journey. Over time sailors started ascribing certain meaning behind different sparrow colors and tattoo designs. Most of these have been lost and obscured over time. However, it is known that a person would get a sparrow tattoo after making a long significant journey for example after crossing the equator or other such long journey. Today sparrow tattoos have taking on a variety of different meanings. The most common meaning for the design in modern times is freedom. And that is the meaning that I most identify with.

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