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Friday, March 12, 2010

Flame Tattoo

Flame Tattoo
Flame tattoos provide wonderful meanings and anyone who finds these tattoos on your skin will most likely give you some kind words. And these flame tattoos can have some very diverse meanings. They can say everything from, "Hey, I’m hot!’ to telling the viewer that you are a force to be reckoned with. And only with flame tattoos can you get a design that is not only beautiful but also seems to come alive. Since the dawn of time, man has always been fascinated with fire. And as soon as us humans got a chance we harnessed this unforgiving force of nature for our own purposes. And many religions have described flames as the symbol of death and rebirth. Look at the phoenix tattoos that so many perople are wearing nowadays. What would that design be without the characteristic flames engulfing the bird? When choosing a flame tattoo you should remember one thing. There are two types of fire-flame tattoos. One is the tribal tattoo and the other is the old-school tattoo. The flame tattoo in the picture is a perfect example of an old school tattoo. It’s bright and colorful with plenty of hues of red and orange.
Flame Tattoo
Yeah I like these tattoos a lot, they look like it’s time for the party to begin. If you love fast cars and fast bikes, a flame tattoo is just the way to go. They look fast and furious with the flames and the skulls screaming bring it on world, give me all you got baby. Oh man I have seen a few guys with tattoos just like these and they are kicking big time. Everyone loves hot red flames on anything, give me a rock guitar or a hopped up fast car, add flames to them, you got one bad to the bone item their my friends. I think when I see a flame tattoo, it brings to mind the Hell Boy movies, and of course the skulls are totally awesome.

A great flame tattoo is worn by one of the rock guitarists out of a local band and he has his guitar painted the same way. So when you go see them live, the visual is hotter than Hades, I really love these tattoos, the color is just amazing. To me a super flame tattoo has to be placed right there on the arm so everyone can see it, but if you want to put a flame tattoo on your leg or back, no big deal, they will look good no matter where they are placed.

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