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Friday, March 12, 2010

Hibiscus Tattoos

Hibiscus Tattoos
The design in the picture is a very well done hibiscus tattoo. The artist took this simple flower design and made it truly special with a burst of pink that just makes this hibiscus tattoo pop. Another thing that I really love about the design is that the artist didn’t go overboard with the leaves. He included one single solitary leaf that doesn’t overpower or detract from the beauty of the flower itself. Another cool element of this hibiscus tattoo is the white shading that has been put on the flower petals. I’m not sure how the artist achieved this incredible effect but it sure looks stunning. It gives the effect that the flower is being bathed in warm shafts of sunlight. It’s these little things that really make an ordinary design into something that is extraordinary. But, as much as I like this tattoo, there is one more element that I would have liked to see added to it. I think the addition of a butterfly or fairy would really make this design stand out. And do you know what would be really cool. Putting a night sky with a field of stars as the backdrop. That would really be the icing on the cake.
Hibiscus Tattoos
A hibiscus tattoo is the Hawaiian flower design which has many interesting meanings. A gift of hibiscus is believed to mean " seize the opportunity" . It also stands for delicate beauty as the bloom of the hibiscus is just open for a short period everyday. In tattoo art, it can also be seen combined with other Hawaiian symbols such as tiki, surfboards or sea turtles. Hibiscus tattoos is considered exotic and seems to represent a laid back style of life being link to the islands of Hawaii. But, an important consideration when getting a hibiscus tattoo is the color of it’s bloom. Different colors mean different things in flower language. For example, a yellow hue means jealousy, while a blue hued hibiscus tattoo means unrequited love. A red hibiscus tattoo symbolizes love and passion as it does with a rose tattoo. A white hibiscus stands for enlightenment and a purple hued one means material wealth or royalty. The bearer of this hibiscus tattoo has blended artistically the red and purple hued varieties. That can be translated using the rules of flower language but we’ll leave that to the bearer to attribute her own meanings to it, as she probably already has.

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