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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friendship Tattoos

Friendship Tattoos
In this image we see a couple of friendship tattoos that are pretty much self explanatory. A small dragon on a girls ankle and a slightly larger version of the same dragon on the guys ankle, who is standing next to her. And chances are most likely that in this instance this is boyfriend and girlfriend. And that’s cool too. This is a good way to show a person how much you care for them. And it’s a way that you can’t get hurt to bad when things break up. At the worst, when it’s over, you are left with a small dragon on your ankle. And that’s no big deal. It’s not like having a person’ s name on you for life. Which I do because I was dumb enough to put a girlfriends name on my ad when I was fourteen years hold. Not something I would recommend.

Like I have said you really can’t go wrong with friendship tattoos like these two. While it shows your friend or loved one how much you care. there’s just no downside to be had. And that makes it a great deal all the way around. So if you decide to go for friendship tattoos at any time in your life, be smart and do it the right way.

Friendship Tattoos
There are many different reasons to get a tattoo. They can be used to show off parts of your personality, to confirm your personal beliefs or simply because they are beautiful. But, no tattoo imparts so much meaning or value then the friendship tattoo. Imagine a group of friends each getting the same tattoo. It’s meaning increases drastically if the design has a meaning to every person in the group. It could be the date that they met, or a symbol signifying something symbolic. I can’t think of anything that’s more striking or sentimental then people getting a friendship tattoo. You and your mate can also get the same tattoo design. There is a word of caution with getting a friendship tattoo, however. What if you and your friends break up, then your stuck with a tattoo that is permanent. But, if your sure that the relationship is going to last then it can be something that brings you and your friend closer. It’s something that both you and your friend share and no one else. What can be a better testament to the love of your friend then to get a friendship tattoo? It’s something that will bring you and the other person together forever. What can be a better reason to get a tattoo then that?

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