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Friday, March 12, 2010

Funny Tattoos

Funny Tattoos
Funny tattoos take on many different forms. They can be visual representations of jokes, funny looking characters or simply silly scenarios inscribed in ink. But, in any of these instances, the funny tattoo has to do one thing and do it immediately. And that enable the person to view it and instantly get the point of it. So, famous tattoos like two pigs engaged in sexual activity with the caption "Makin’ Bacon" easily fit into this criteria. Also, funny tattoos that are inked around the belly button so the belly button looks like another orifice (ie. a mouth, vagina or ass) also easily fits into this category. But, some funny tattoos are not so apparent and if your not familiar with the subject matter you might just miss the point altogether. Just take a look at the tattoo in the picture. It features the internet video called ‘Two girls and one cup’. Millions of people looked at this video and the tattoo is a pretty accurate description. But, as far as funny tattoos go I feel that it’s a little crude and not as hilarious as the bearer thought it would be. Now, a few years down the road it’s going to even less funny. And I would suspect that the bearer may eventually want to have it removed. Thus is the pitfall of getting a tattoo purely for it’s humor.
Funny Tattoos
The cookie monster design in this funny tattoo is pretty original. I can honestly say that I have not seen this design before on anyone else. But, there are a few considerations to make before getting a quirky design or funny tattoo. The most important thing to remember is not to get ink done on the spur of the moment. You may be out with your friends and something absolutely hilarious pops into your head. Now, your first instinct may be to run out and get the design immediately drawn up and inked into your skin. But, that is not the appropriate way to get a tattoo done. What you need to do is take a few days or a few weeks and let the idea simmer in your mind for awhile. You need to consider the size of the funny tattoo and where it’s going to be placed on your body. You also need to consider how other people are going to react to your funny tattoo. But, the most important thing to consider is how you’ll feel about the design 5, 10 or 15 years down the road. You certainly don’t want to run out and get a design inked into your flesh on a whim. Otherwise your now funny tattoo can turn into tattoo regret later.

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