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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Turtle Tattoos

Turtle Tattoos
If your thinking of getting a turtle tattoo there are many different styles available to you. You can choose from a tribal turtle, to a cartoon type turtle or even an actual depiction of a turtle as shown in the picture. But, there is one thing for certain. Turtle tattoos have a very deep and well established symbolism especially in Native American cultures. The turtle is a major character in Native American mythology. In some stories the turtle is responsible for creating North America and in other stories turtles are responsible for the creation of the entire world!! According to the vast majority of these stories, the spirit of the sky was looking down from the heavens through a hole she had found when suddenly she fell through and plummeted into the vast waters below. Concerned for her life, the Great Sea Turtle swam deep to the bottom of the waters, scooped up some earth on its back, and carried it back to the surface as a place for Sky Spirit to stand on. But, even if your not interested in the Native American interpretations of the turtle design, a turtle tattoo can still make a deeply meaningful design. Attribute your own meanings to it and make it a part of yourself.
Turtle Tattoos
I personally am a huge fan of turtle tattoos, and this one really interested me by the way it was designed. I really like how there is water and bubbles around the turtle which were used with a cornflower blue and a pastel blue. I like turtle tattoos so much I think I am going to get a few on my arms and lower back. I just recently bought a large book with hundreds of pictures of turtle tattoos, and this really helped me decide how I want my tattoos to be designed. My family thinks I am crazy for liking them so much, but I could care less because turtle tattoos are symbolic for being strong and empowered.

I would recommend getting a tattoo of a turtle as a first choice to anyone. If you really know which tattoo you want to get then contact a local artist and have him or her show you their work and see if they can take care of the design you really want. Its not that hard once you find the right tattoo artist. I know a couple here in town that I trust with almost any tattoo I want put on. Their is one girl that is the best I have ever seen anywhere.

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