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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Wing Tattoo

Wing Tattoo
Most wings tattoos come off the shoulder blades and go down the back. but this wings tattoo is unique. It comes off a central hub, which happens to be a lock, and goes across the upper part of the back and wraps onto the shoulders. This design is not very common, especially with the lock. This design is obviously meant to be a more masculine tattoo, with a rougher look and a darker shading then the common wings tattoo design. The edges of the wings have a ruffled look to them, and the shading on the tips of the wings is more pronounced then usual. The wings in this design or more symmetrical then most wings tattoos are, and the artist even equaled out the shading on each wing. One really uncommon feature of this tattoo is the lock. Most wings tattoos are meant to look like they are sprouting out of the back, but this tattoo is showing that the wings are being held together with the lock. The shading on the lock even has a masculine look to it, with a darker shading. Though not the stereotypical wings tattoo, it is still a great design and a great piece of artwork.
Wing Tattoo
When most people think of wing tattoos they think of designs that include angel or fairies. Or they thing of designs that include butterfly or dragonfly wing. But, really this is a limitation of the wing tattoo. The design is so versatile that almost anything can be incorporated into it. One of my favorite all time designs involved a wall clock that had wings sticking out from the side of it. Another design that I have seen recently involved a picture of a family pet with wings coming out of it’s sides. It was done really well and was used as a memorial for a deceased dog. But, the tattoo in the picture takes it all. It’s a Detroit Red Wings tattoo!! It was gotten by a die hard hockey fan who wanted to show his support of the team. It’s a really cool design but it gives me pause for a moment. What happens if the team changes it’s emblem or is sold to another team? Will the bearer of this wing tattoo still want to keep the logo on his skin? These are all important considerations that you need to make before getting any design inked into your skin. Logos and trademarks may seem cool at first but the longevity of the symbol may be limited.

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